Pinda FCP

Product name ISIN WKN Bid Ask Currency Runtime End Modified
CHF Energy Efficiency Notes 2026 XS2132885554 A28DHR 992,32 994,31 CHF 2026-03-31 2022-05-13
EUR Energy Efficiency Notes 2026 XS2132885125 A28DHQ 996,39 998,39 EUR 2026-03-31 2022-05-13
EUR Special Credit Fund linked Certificates 2022 XS2029621658 A214FC 907,51 920,69 EUR 2022-07-12 2022-05-13
CHF Special Credit Fund linked Certificates 2022 XS2029621906 A214FB 894,55 912,03 CHF 2022-07-12 2022-05-13
Oaklet history
Oaklet was founded in June 2006 by an experienced Team. Each of the partners, partners and employees can draw on many years of experience and extensive Know-how based on this, whereby the different areas of responsibility were already optimally supplemented in the past.